About Area 51 Racing League

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About Area 51 Racing League

Area 51 was created by a group of friends that enjoyed racing with each other and decided it would be fun to have a league where we could have other drivers that were clean hard racers.


We are a serious racing league that believes every driver should go into every race with his or her top priority being not to wreck their fellow competitor.


So if your a clean driver that has the same vision for how drivers should race each other, come join in on the fun. You will be welcome here and I am sure you will make some good friends as well.

If you would like to join, just go to series, and click join series.

In your request, give your 3 preferred car numbers.

Your request will be reviewed by an admin. You will then get an approval for that series if you are accepted.


We look forward to racing with you.


Live Broadcasts

Our races are broadcast by our partner: Green White Checkered TV. Live broadcasts can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube.


C Class 1.0 or higher.



Charles Johnson

Jim Brooks

Bud Steele

James Ledford

Michael Spell

Brandon Passalacqua