Official Rulebook

                    AREA 51 iRacing League 

Table of Contents

1.    Participation Metrics
2.    League Overview
3.    Race Control 
4.    Communication
5.    Starts/Restarts
6.    Cautions/Pace Laps/Pit Road
7.    Penalty System
8.    Championship Points
9.    Connection Issues


Mission Statement and Vision


Every driver should enter every race with their top priority being not to wreck their fellow competitor(s). Race every driver like they are your best friend.
Race each other hard but race clean and respectful.

   This document pertains to AREA 51 iRacing League that produces competitive 
  races using Dallara IR18s and NASCAR Cup cars on the iRacing platform and no other 
  entity. References to “League” or “the League” in this document means the AREA 51 
  iRacing League and not any other AREA 51 entities. 
1.2 We, the administrators, may make exceptions, provide dispensations to the 
  participation requirements, or provide sponsorship exemptions for any reason and at 
  any time. 
  League Administrators – Jim Brooks (head Admin), Michael Spell, James Ledford, 
  Bud Steele, Roy Wheeler, and Brandon Passalacqua
1.3 Applications to the league will be accepted and considered at the discretion of 
  the Admin Team. 
1.3a Requirements for League consideration 
   ▪ Minimum Class C Oval License 
   • Minimum iRating: 1,000 
   • Minimum Safety Rating: 1.0 
      • Admins can make exceptions to these requirements at any time. 
1.3b AREA 51 iRacing League is a league built on respectful driving and 
  respectful drivers. We do not tolerate overly aggressive driving, and/or verbal abuse 
  and will penalize or expel drivers for that behavior. 
1.3c All League members must be a member of the AREA 51 discord page and 
  be in a Discord voice channel for all races. 
   ▪ League Discord Link - 
1.4 Each season will consist of 12 races 
1.4a There will be 1 drop week, the Scoring model will automatically drop your 1 
  lowest championship point races, and only count your 9 highest races towards the 
1.4c Season Schedule can be found here:
       ▪ https://www.area51iracing.com/  
1.5 Area 51 offers three leagues. A non-refundable $30.00 USD entry fee is required 
  for participation in one league or you can pay $60.00 USD to participate in all three 
1.5a This fee is due regardless of when you enter the league. 
      ▪ This fee will help cover costs of broadcasting, league promotions, and iRacing 
2.1 Races will be held on Tuesdays (IndyCar Series), Thursdays (Cup Series), and 
  Sundays (SuperSpeedway Series).
2.1.1 Each session will start at 7:30pm EST with a 30-minute practice session and 2 
  lap (5 minute) qualifying session. The Green Flag will wave at approximately 8:05pm 
2.2 Unless otherwise specified, the event starting grid will be set by qualifying. On 
  Road Courses, qualifying will start 10-minutes before the scheduled race time. 
  Drivers are given 2-laps to qualify using their single fastest lap. 
2.3 If you want to start in the back, complete a slow Qualifying lap or just don’t 
  Qualify, Absolutely NO EOL’s will be given at the start of a race. 
2.4 All sessions will be listed under the Area 51 League Sessions section of the iRacing 
  website. Only drivers are permitted to join the race session. All non-drivers, spotters, 
  Race Control, etc. must enter as a spotter or spectator. 
  Any Names in the race session that are not Drivers, except for Race Control admins 
  will be removed from the Race session. 
2.5 Double file Rolling starts will be used in all races, all restarts will be double file, 
  except Indy series, which will be single file. (See Section 5) 
2.6 All races will use custom fixed setups. These setups will be prepared and tested by 
  the League designated setup drivers. All race sessions will have a predetermined 
  track starting state which will then carry over to the qualifying and race sessions. 
  Marbles will automatically be cleaned. All setups, information about the weather for 
  each race week will be posted on the League Discord in the #setups channel. Setups 
  are subject to change and drivers will be notified. 
2.7 Max Fuel load is set at 70% 
2.8 There will be 1 Fast Repair for each track 
2.9 All iRacing rules are in effect. 
2.10 During the race, racing below the white / yellow line(s), and certain tracks that 
  have “aprons” is allowed on any lap of the race. 
2.10.1 No racing below the yellow or white line at Daytona, Talladega, and iRacing 
2.11 – After wrecking drivers MUST hold the brakes and maintain their position on 
  track until it is safe to proceed to pits. When racing on ovals, if your car comes to a 
  rest at the top of the banking, you must do all that is reasonably practical to ensure 
  your machine does not slide down the track and into the path of other on-coming 
  cars. Not holding the brakes or failing to press ESC immediately to start a virtual tow 
  can lead to penalties being issued. 
2.11a – Wrecked cars that stop in the racing line are highly encouraged to press ESC 
  and tow to the pits as fast as possible to eliminate the possibility of damaging other 
2.11b – Drivers must use their “Relative” box to ensure the track is clear, and no cars 
  are approaching before releasing the brakes and attempting to continue. 
2.13 An after-race review of all yellow flag incidents will be completed by AREA 51 
  Race Stewards, see the License Penalty System (LPS – Section 7). AREA 51 Race 
  Stewards will review all race grievances and apply appropriate penalties. After the 
  race this can include, but not limited to overall race time penalties, lap penalties, 
  championship point penalties, and/or race disqualification. 
2.14 There will be 3 Green White Checker attempts. N/A in Indy Series.
2.15 All events will be limited to 40 drivers. 
3.1 The in race iRacing voice channel is only for Race communication. No “chit-chat” 
  with other drivers or complaining about other drivers, setups, track conditions, etc. 
  Only Pit-In, Pit-Out or take over instructions will be allowed.
3.1.1 Only the Chief Stewards will communicate on the Race Control channel during 
  the race session. Other members of Race Control and the Admin Team will not 
  communicate through this channel. Members of Race Control may enter private team 
  channels on Discord at their discretion.
3.1.2 Should there be no League personnel available to serve in Race Control, the 
  event will be run by members of the Admin Team who are participating in the race. 
  All in-race officiating is handled by iRacing unless a situation arises where the Admin 
  Team needs to make an in-race ruling. At the end of the race a post-race review will 
  be conducted, and every attempt will be made to address any issues or incidents 
  missed during the race. 
3.2 All decisions made by iRacing Race Control/Admins during the race are FINAL.
3.2.1 Drivers will have until 11:59:59 PM EST on the day that immediately follows a 
  race to submit any protest or grievance against another driver for in race violations. 
3.2.2 All protests, and grievances will be submitted in a private message to one of the 
  admins. DO NOT under any circumstances post any protest/grievance in any general 
  chat, social media or comments directly to another driver. See Rules 4.3 and 4.4 
  regarding comments made about other league members. 
3.2.3 Admins will review iRacing replays and any race violations and will be posted. 
  After penalties are posted, drivers have until 11:59 PM EST the following day to 
  appeal any penalty.  
3.2.4 All appeals/reports/protests must be filed by the driver. Please be very clear on 
  what the issue is, Lap #, Car numbers, situation of the infraction. Please submit your 
  protest IN WRITING, PRIVATELY to one of the admins in Discord.
3.3 Admins have the right to remove any driver from the race at any time.
4.1 All drivers must have a microphone for voice communication set for Push to talk. 
  There are no exceptions. 
4.2 The League uses Discord as its main communication method. On official race 
  nights, the entire server may only be used for business pertaining to the race. 
4.3 Obscene, abusive, threatening, bullying, harassing language or name calling via 
  iRacing chat, Discord Chat, Live Stream, Social Media platform, or private message 
  towards other drivers will not be tolerated and could result in penalties or expulsion 
  from the Area 51Racing League. 
4.4 Drivers will ALWAYS conduct themselves professionally and respectfully towards 
  one another, during the race, on any Social Media platform, on the broadcast, during 
  interviews, and all platforms that could harm the reputation of the Area 51 Racing League 
  and/or the Drivers in the league.
5.1 Race Start is a double file rolling start with the pole sitter maintaining the proper 
  pace speed behind the pace car. 
5.2 All cars must maintain a maximum of half a car length distance behind the car in 
  front of you starting at turn 3 coming around to the start of the race. 
5.3 ABSOLUTELY NO – Brake Checking, falling back on race start or restarts. 
5.3.1 Obvious/Intentional violations of Rule 5.3 will result in a disqualification from the 
  following race. 
5.4 The Green Flag controls the start of the race. Race leader controls all restarts after 
  that. The leader can restart at any time after the pace car turns and enters pit road. 
  Leader cannot start until the Pace Car is clearly off the racing line. Leader may 
  choose inside or outside lane (only the first two cars). 
5.5 On restarts only - No passing on the inside until the Start/Finish line. This is an 
  iRacing rule, if you pass on the inside before the start/finish line and reach the 
  start/finish line before the person who started in front of you on any restart you will 
  be issued a black flag by iRacing. Race admins WILL NOT clear the black flag. iRacing 
  will allow you to pass on the outside before the Start/Finish line. • 
5.6 If for any reason you were issued a black flag by iRacing and you want the Black 
  flag cleared for something you did not think you did wrong, if Admins clear it during 
  the race, this will be automatically reviewed. If Admins determine that iRacing issued 
  the black flag correctly a 1 lap penalty will be issued after the race. 
5.7 No scrubbing tires. 
6.1 While under a full course caution, drivers are required to catch up to the pace car 
  as fast as is safely possible. Drivers intentionally slowing or inhibiting other drivers 
  will be penalized. 
6.2 All League events will follow the iRacing Software Caution rulings. Race Control 
  may issue a manual full-course caution at their discretion. Typically, with iRacing 
  controlling yellow flags, single car accidents not in traffic or deemed to not be on the 
  racing surface will not bring out a caution. 
6.3 Drivers determined to be “the cause” of a race caution will be given an EOL (End of 
  Line) Penalty at the discretion of Race Control which will be served before the next 
  green flag. Drivers who cause the caution should call themselves out and request an 
  EOL. Any incidents will be looked at more leniently if you honor the EOL rule. 
6.4 All drivers must follow the iRacing race communication box that pops up on your 
  screen during cautions and execute the instructions immediately.
6.5 Lapped cars are required to yield to the lead lap cars, move out of the preferred 
  line unless instructed by the leader. If you are one or more laps down do not impede 
  the lead lap cars at any time. If you are drafting with a lead lap car and trying to help 
  him that is permitted but at no time are you allowed to block a lead lap car.
6.6 During pitting, do not check up until you are below the racing surface. Stay to the 
  right of the pit lane until you are five stalls from your pit. Do not brake until you have 
  exited the right lane. If you are below a car to your outside you must slow down and 
  get behind that car to ensure a safe pit entrance.
6.7 Black Flags will not be cleared except for the following instances: Pit road violation 
  while avoiding an accident or the result of one or Passing Under Yellow. Any l 
  legitimate Black Flags must be served. Any cleared Flags will be reviewed after the 
  race. If the black flags are deemed to have been legitimate, the Requesting Driver 
  will receive a One Lap Penalty and their finishing order will be adjusted. 
a.    Spinning under own power causing contact or affecting others. On track or in the 
  pits – 1 point
b.    Avoidable contact with others – 1 point
c.    Intentional blocking of opponent under green flag – 2 points
d.    Flagrant avoidable contact – 4 points
e.    4 points collected within 2 races will lead to a Green Flag Passthrough to be 
  issued the following race.
f.    NetCode incidents will be treated as avoidable contact, but subject to review.
g.    One clean race leads to clearing of accrued penalty points.
h.    Flaming or calling out another driver over race radio will result in immediate 
  removal from the race. Further actions may also occur at the discretion of League 
  Officials…to include removal from the League.
8.    Championship and Points
a.    Cup and SuperSpeedway Series will be based on NASCAR Points System.
Finish Race Points  Finish Race Points    
1     40     16     21     31     6
2     35     17     20     32     5
3     34     18     19     33     4
4     33     19     18     34     3
5     32     20     17     35     2
6     31     21     16     36     1
7     30     22     15     37     1
8     29     23     14     38     1
9     28     24     13     39     1
10     27     25     12     40     1
11     26     26     11    41    1
12     25     27     10    42    1
13     24     28     9    43    1
14     23     29     8          
15     22     30     7          

b.    Indy Series will be based on IndyCar Points System. 
Race Finish Points
Position    Pts    Position    Pts    
1    50    12    18    23    7
2    40    13    17    24    6
3    35    14    16    25    5
4    32    15    15    26    5
5    30    16    14    27    5
6    28    17    13    28    5
7    26    18    12    29    5
8    24    19    11    30    5
9    22    20    10    31    5
10    20    21    9    32    5
11    19    22    8    33    5
Pole Award: 1 point
Leading At Least One Lap: 1 point
Most Laps Led: 2 points
c.    Championship.
Area 51 Championship Format (All 3 Series)
Top 8 drivers from first 9 races -
     Advance to Semi-Final Round (worst race will be dropped)
     All drivers start even in points 
     (Regular Season Race Winners receive 5 bonus points also)
Top 4 drivers after 2 race Semi-Finals -
   Advance to Final Race (Winners automatically advance)
Highest finishing driver is the Season 7 Champion.
9.1 Drivers must have a reliable internet connection capable of running iRacing 
  with a “green” colored quality and ping. Drivers whose internet connection falls below 
  an acceptable threshold will move to the rear of the field immediately until the issue 
  is resolved. Race Control will monitor all Driver connections and act quickly against 
  drivers with internet issues to protect the other drivers competing. 
9.2 Drivers who have their race interrupted due to their internet connection are treated 
  as if they’ve had a mechanical issue that has delayed their participation or ended 
  their race. Any driver who is disconnected because of a poor connection will be 
  allowed 1 attempt to reestablish their connection and reenter the race room. This rule 
  is only in effect once the cars have gridded and until the checkered flag. Drivers 
  impacted by internet issues will not be compensated in any way by Area 51. 
9.3 If drivers are experiencing connections issues, you must drop to the back of the 
  field, sort things out and return to racing. You know if you are having connection 
  issues when all the cars around you suddenly disappear and then reappear.

You must have a wheel and pedals to race. We highly advise you be Mic'd up and on our discord channel